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You’ve no doubt noticed coming and going from YLP via Yosemite Springs Parkway and Highway 41, that there’s been no activity yet this year at the site of a proposed service station and convenience store.

In a YLP Life item in January, the developers said they expected work to begin within a few weeks on laying foundations and installing underground tanks. Since then, signs (pictured above) have been placed announcing the coming of a Sinclair service station and mini mart, coffee house and business park.

This week, one of the partners, Herschel Noonkester, explained in a phone interview that the plaza startup is on hold because of changes in state laws in 2019. He anticipates those will increase costs on the $3.2 million gas station-mini mart part of the project.

He said project plans provided water for drinking as well as fire protection. “We had the entire system designed and ready to go. But when January came…. (laws) changed considerably in California” and a much larger pump for firefighting was required, mandating an upgrade also in electric service.

Because of the increases, there was a capital call creating a slight delay.

“We are so disheartened. It’s not been easy from the beginning,” Noonkester said “… we were ready to rock and roll.”

He praised the help the project has received from Madera County and its Building Division. “The county has been overly helpful to us, on our side all along.”

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