Aerating greens

A small army of volunteers gathered Tuesday at the YLP Golf Course to help aerate the nine greens and the putting green. Hats off to them! Richard Hunsbarger, Mark Jordana, Bryan Smith, Ken Conley, Steve Sunseri, Bob Young, Steve Rettig, Roger Ellis, Darrel Dietrich, Jeff Faturos, Alan Dugovic, Gene Holt, Wayne Kelly, Vito Angiuli, Ken Souza and Bill Bob Pippen.

Aerating greens is a four-hour, twice-a-year volunteer operation. Sierra Golf Management uses its equipment to punch out small holes in the green and spit out soil plugs. Volunteers then gather up the plugs in carts and deposit the rich soil in other areas.

Ladies of the Lakes Scholarships

 The scholarship program is a cornerstone of the YLP Ladies of the Lakes 501(c3) organization. This year, program chair Judy Moore said that LOL will award scholarships totaling $10,000 to six graduates of Minarets High School.

“These are all high-achieving, good students,” she said. The awards will be given out the evening of May 22 at the high school.

LOL conducts many fund raisers through the year for scholarships and also to aid Madera County Fire Station No. 10. Their objectives are illustrated in the LOL logo above. The YLP Librarians also donated to the scholarships.

Some $190,000 in scholarships have been awarded since the program began decades ago.