Sign up for new YLP Alerts & Connect

That’s right. YLP is introducing a new way to get alerts and announcements. And soon we’ll have more ways to gather and talk about what’s going on in our beautiful foothills home.

The text-messaging based YLP Alerts we’ve used for several years to notify you of urgent news like nearby fires and water shutoffs is being replaced by a less expensive and more versatile platform called Zoho Connect.

As with our app-based Vizpin app for swimming pool entry, Zoho Connect will also require that you download a free app.

Look for Zoho Connect on the Google Play store or the iPhone App Store. Then fill out the form below.

Within a few days, a logon and password will be emailed to you that you can use to log into Zoho Connect. You’ll be connected immediately to YLP Alerts, which will notify you not only of urgent matters, but also important notices and announcements.

If you’re a member of one of our very active committees, you’ll also use the Zoho Connect app to communicate with fellow committee members, keep up on tasks and meetings.

Here you go….see you at Zoho Connect!



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