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YLP Community News

How to complete ballots

Election ballots have been mailed to all YLOA members — see our video on how to fill them out.

YLP Cares comes to life

YLP Cares officially came to life Tuesday with a directive to appoint an initial board and develop bylaws.

Dues invoices going out

Invoices for 2019-2020 fiscal year YLOA dues are going out to members this week. THEY ARE DUE JULY 1.

The California quail

What’s not to love about the California quail, our official State Bird?

Grab and go bag

It’s time to go through your grab and go bag…

Wildfire safety open house

PG&E plans a regional open house to help homeowners learn more about wildfire safety and emergency preparedness.

Movin’ ahead in June

June is a busy month as we wrap up our 2018 Fiscal Year and prepare for 2019-2020. I’m pleased to report several positive developments.

Director ballot set

Three YLOA members in good standing will be on the ballot for the annual election in July.

Of cars and horses

Picture this: You are riding your motorcycle up Corral Drive on a warm Saturday afternoon.

LOL new-member luncheon

Ladies of the Lakes held their May meeting and annual new-member luncheon Monday.

Financial packets go out

The Financial Packet and Annual Disclosures for 2019-2020 are now on their way to members.

Pizza-gazebo project revs up

“When is that doggone pizza oven going to be up and running?” seems to be a favorite question these days among some YLP members.

Station 10 strengthens

We are truly fortunate to have a paid-call firefighter station smack dab in the heart of Yosemite Lakes Park.

DIY products for horses

Let’s face it… horses are expensive, completely worth the expense but expensive none the less.

YLP volunteers at work

Volunteers contribute in countless ways to the quality of life in our widespread community. Here are just two….

Gala-Golf Tourney a hit

The Yosemite Lakes 2019 volunteer fundraising committee had its annual Gala and Golf Tournament on May 3rd and 4th.

About YLP Cares

YLP Cares is a new, not for profit, charitable organization that was authorized by the YLOA Board of Directors last year.

Look into bell boots

The farrier who shoes my horses recently asked me to invest in bell boots.

New roof look

Work is about to start on fixing the clubhouse roof, which has been a source of problems and leaks for many years.

Trail walk memories

Philip Walker: I would like to offer my observations on walking our Blue Heron Lake trail on a regular basis.

Snake bite & horses

Unfortunately it’s the time of year when we start to see snakes out and about.

Return of the swallows

Spring is in the air. How do we know? Cliff swallows have returned to Yosemite Lakes.

Foul fiddleneck

Our committee chair, Sarah Jackson, brought to my attention some toxic weeds that we had growing at the Equestrian Center. 

Improvements ahead

Fire Station 10 has a new leader, plus plans for expansion and new community events this year.

Budget adopted

YLOA has a new budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year starting July 1.

Shedding lessons

Shedding can tell you more about your horse than you might think. 

Yosemite Plaza delay

The Yosemite Plaza construction startup is delayed after changes in state laws pushed expected costs higher, a developer says.

Pipeline update

Check out gallery of photos of pipeline replacement project and get an update on the work.

Equestrian events

Myself and the YLPEC Committee have received many inquires regarding if we are going to hold horse shows again this year. 

The oak titmouse

The tiny, gray-brown oak titmouse is as plain and drab as a bird can be.

Mountain lion sightings

In the past two weeks there have been two mountain lion sightings. One around the clubhouse lake trails and one on Titan Drive.

Time to ‘Fix Our Stuff’

YLOA General Manager Jonathan Penrose presents a five-year plan to address deferred maintenance of facilities and pay for repaving our roads.

New Equestrian Center chair

Let’s welcome the Jackson family to YLP and Sarah to the chair position on the Equestrian Committee!

February topics

News about phones, finances, signs, stalls and board policies.

Return to sender!

YLOA members all have been sent an envelope labeled “Urgent-Please Return.”

Town Hall Tuesday

General Manager Jonathan Penrose will present a Town Hall this coming Tuesday, Feb. 26, looking at our financial reserves.

Great turnout

We had the best turnout in months at the Feb. 23rd Tournament …… 36 players.

Meet YLP’s bird man

If you see a fellow on one of YLP’s trails carrying a camera and looking up into the trees, there’s a good chance it’s Robert Groos.

How to use Banamine

As horse owners, I am sure we all know what Banamine is but do we all know how to properly use it? 

Golf gettin’ better

Progress continues on the renovations at the YLP Golf Course: tree trimming, reconstruction of sand traps and tees.

Trail Trials

The YLPEC hosted our first-ever Trail Trials on January 27.  We had an excellent turnout with approximately 30 horse and rider combinations. 

An eye-opening Town Hall

We had a great turnout for our Town Hall on January 22nd, with about 80 people joining us for dinner and about 100 in attendance for the meeting.

Mustang Matt Clinic

Last weekend we hosted the Mustang Matt Clinic for the Back Country Horsemen, Sierra Free Packers. 

Yosemite Plaza gets under way

After years of ground preparation, a long-planned business venture is about to begin at the corner of US-41 and Yosemite Springs Parkway.

Actions taken Jan. 15

The YLOA Board of Directors voted on resolutions Tuesday evening ranging from financial affairs to a replacement air-conditioning system for the Yosemite Grill.

Keeping our water flowing

With increasing frequency our aging water system will fail, causing outages. Come along and see what it takes to fix a main line leak in YLP.

Debunking thrush remedies

This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but winter does have a downside when it comes to my horses. 

YLPEC Trail Trials

The YLP Equestrian Center decided that in 2019 we want to host additional events, not just horse shows.

Found keys in 2018

It’s that time again!  If you have lost keys in 2018, please contact Security to see if we have them. 

The importance of trainers

“The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is a Trainer Who Believes in You”: I read this blog and knew I had to share it with you. 

Future projects teed up

The Yosemite Lakes Golf Association recently set near-term priorities and also discussed projects for the future, including….

Improvements ahead!

YLGA and our contractors have worked out a plan for course improvements….

YLCC holds tournament

Last month, Yosemite Lakes Community Church held its first golf tournament in the past eight years here at our course…

How to help fire victim

An effort is under way to help a woman who lost her YLP home in a fire on Dec. 13.

What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation is a fairly new equestrian event that I have had the opportunity to watch first hand…

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