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From April 16

Water bill shutoff notices; new phone numbers coming; volunteers sought for projects.

Snake bite & horses

Unfortunately it’s the time of year when we start to see snakes out and about.

Return of the swallows

Spring is in the air. How do we know? Cliff swallows have returned to Yosemite Lakes.

Foul fiddleneck

Our committee chair, Sarah Jackson, brought to my attention some toxic weeds that we had growing at the Equestrian Center. 

Improvements ahead

Fire Station 10 has a new leader, plus plans for expansion and new community events this year.

Budget adopted

YLOA has a new budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year starting July 1.

Shedding lessons

Shedding can tell you more about your horse than you might think. 

Yosemite Plaza delay

The Yosemite Plaza construction startup is delayed after changes in state laws pushed expected costs higher, a developer says.

Pipeline update

Check out gallery of photos of pipeline replacement project and get an update on the work.

Equestrian events

Myself and the YLPEC Committee have received many inquires regarding if we are going to hold horse shows again this year. 

The oak titmouse

The tiny, gray-brown oak titmouse is as plain and drab as a bird can be.

Mountain lion sightings

In the past two weeks there have been two mountain lion sightings. One around the clubhouse lake trails and one on Titan Drive.

Time to ‘Fix Our Stuff’

YLOA General Manager Jonathan Penrose presents a five-year plan to address deferred maintenance of facilities and pay for repaving our roads.

New Equestrian Center chair

Let’s welcome the Jackson family to YLP and Sarah to the chair position on the Equestrian Committee!

February topics

News about phones, finances, signs, stalls and board policies.

Return to sender!

YLOA members all have been sent an envelope labeled “Urgent-Please Return.”

Town Hall Tuesday

General Manager Jonathan Penrose will present a Town Hall this coming Tuesday, Feb. 26, looking at our financial reserves.

Great turnout

We had the best turnout in months at the Feb. 23rd Tournament …… 36 players.

Meet YLP’s bird man

If you see a fellow on one of YLP’s trails carrying a camera and looking up into the trees, there’s a good chance it’s Robert Groos.

How to use Banamine

As horse owners, I am sure we all know what Banamine is but do we all know how to properly use it? 

Golf gettin’ better

Progress continues on the renovations at the YLP Golf Course: tree trimming, reconstruction of sand traps and tees.

Trail Trials

The YLPEC hosted our first-ever Trail Trials on January 27.  We had an excellent turnout with approximately 30 horse and rider combinations. 

An eye-opening Town Hall

We had a great turnout for our Town Hall on January 22nd, with about 80 people joining us for dinner and about 100 in attendance for the meeting.

Mustang Matt Clinic

Last weekend we hosted the Mustang Matt Clinic for the Back Country Horsemen, Sierra Free Packers. 

Yosemite Plaza gets under way

After years of ground preparation, a long-planned business venture is about to begin at the corner of US-41 and Yosemite Springs Parkway.

Signs going up

Bill Green takes a moment Monday to show one of the first new road signs he and his YLOA Roads crew have started to erect in YLP.

Actions taken Jan. 15

The YLOA Board of Directors voted on resolutions Tuesday evening ranging from financial affairs to a replacement air-conditioning system for the Yosemite Grill.

Keeping our water flowing

With increasing frequency our aging water system will fail, causing outages. Come along and see what it takes to fix a main line leak in YLP.

Debunking thrush remedies

This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but winter does have a downside when it comes to my horses. 

YLPEC Trail Trials

The YLP Equestrian Center decided that in 2019 we want to host additional events, not just horse shows.

Found keys in 2018

It’s that time again!  If you have lost keys in 2018, please contact Security to see if we have them. 

The importance of trainers

“The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is a Trainer Who Believes in You”: I read this blog and knew I had to share it with you. 

Future projects teed up

The Yosemite Lakes Golf Association recently set near-term priorities and also discussed projects for the future, including….

Improvements ahead!

YLGA and our contractors have worked out a plan for course improvements….

YLCC holds tournament

Last month, Yosemite Lakes Community Church held its first golf tournament in the past eight years here at our course…

How to help fire victim

An effort is under way to help a woman who lost her YLP home in a fire on Dec. 13.

What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation is a fairly new equestrian event that I have had the opportunity to watch first hand…

County business boom

From new business to new housing, business is booming in Madera County, ABC30 reports:

Holiday Open House

This last Sunday, the Equestrian Center had our second annual Holiday Open House.

Address markers

Remember the slogan by Cal Fire, “If we can’t find you, we can’t help you?”

Learning to ride

A few months ago I went with some friends to take a lesson on my horse with their instructor. I believe that with most things, but especially horses, you can never stop learning.

Mustang Matt Clinic

We are happy to announce a clinic for Mustang Matt at the YLP Equestrian Center…

Check YLP air quality

Click on the PurpleAir link below to find current air quality readings at the YLP Clubhouse.

Better Blanketing Guide

Though it seemed like autumn would never arrive, I finally feel that nice chill in the air. With the cooler temperatures comes the decision to blanket our horses… or not.

Hike it off!

Want to shed some pounds before or after Turkey Day — or just get yourself in better shape and meet some great people?

My Horsey Bucket List

Here's a blog I thought you'd all enjoy! By Amy Cohan Published Nov. 6 on smartpakequine.com How many times have you been asked about your horse, “what do you want to do with him?”, “What are you two trying to accomplish?”, “what will his job be?”. I recently...

Town Hall report

Thank you to all that were able to attend our Town Hall on October 23rd…

About hay alternatives

We may not have a hay shortage in our area but hay prices are continuing to rise.  This is a great article on hay alternatives, and it's very informative about what not to feed your horse which is just as important.  https://susanfriedlandsmith.com/hay-alternatives/

Buckle series success

We just completed our last show of our 2018 Buckle Series and we ended on a great note….

Synergy in the park

Here’s information on Synergy, which can help you save money on utility bills….

Report on Town Hall

Nearly 90 YLP residents showed up Oct. 23 for the first of a series of quarterly Town Halls …

New golf specials

Check out these specials and upcoming events in November….

Much done on work day

We had a work day at the Equestrian Center this last Sunday and it was wonderful to see so many different people come together…

Meeting highlights

Projects move ahead: horse stall roofs, pizza oven, new street signs and more…

Bridget, Ella compete

I recently competed in the Andalusian World Cup (AWC) in Las Vegas. This year was my third time in this show and the first year I took my own horse….

Dealing with sand colic

Dr. Jeanette Mero: It’s colic time! It’s been a crazy few days with up to 5 colics in a day. And the streak does not seem to be letting up yet….

A proper chopper

Life in the kitchen just got a bit easier for our hard-working Blue Heron chef and his crew, after taking ownership of something called a buffalo chopper….

Course fixes & champions

A busy month — pump repairs, tree trimming, green repairs. And winners of the Club Championship!

Rigatoni roundup

Check out our gallery of more than 40 photos from the 2018 Ladies of the Lakes Rigatoni Dinner.

Work day volunteers sought

The Equestrian Center will hold a work day Sunday October 14th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone is welcome to volunteer to help us!

Horse show postponed

We have been looking forward to our Sept. 30 show. Unfortunately, one of our horses is under the weather so our vet advised us to postpone our show just as a precaution.

Join us for Town Hall

Please join us for a YLP Town Hall on Tuesday, October 23rd. It all starts with a family-style Italian buffet!

Girls’ golf tourney here

Six high school girls’ golf teams took over YLP Golf Course on Wednesday for tournament play, spreading out all over the course on a gorgeous September afternoon.

GM’s contract extended

The YLOA board voted to extend General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s contract indefinitely following a six-month review period.

Coming to the YLP Plaza

After more than a year, life has returned to the former hardware store building in the YLP Plaza. It’s projected to reopen. . .

2018 Club Championship

The 2018 Men’s Club Championship Qualifying will be played between September 15 and 24.

YHS girls to play here Sept. 19

The Yosemite High School Girls Golf Team has chosen our beautiful golf course at Yosemite Lakes Park as their home course.

Got old photos?

We’d love to share any photos you have of scenes and people who lived here in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. The best contribution as judged by our panel will get….

YLOA board page

Rollout of the new YLP website continues, with the launch of a page providing information on the new YLOA Board of Directors and committees for 2018-19. Check it out!

Property purchase

After 15 years of renting office space, YSPUC had the opportunity to purchase one of the few commercial buildings here in the park…..

For the birds — and us!

What lucky birds, and lucky us! Darrel Dietrich has created another stupendous bird feeder…

A new financial tool

At the board meeting Tuesday night I introduced a new financial report that should make it easier for you to see the financial health of both YSPUC and YLOA.

Do you wear a helmet when you ride?

I have noticed that a lot of equestrians don’t wear helmets.  When I first started riding as a kid I always wore my helmet, even in the show ring.  As I got older I started wearing one less and less. Even after a very serious injury I didn’t start wearing a helmet, in...

Got a picky eater?

If your horse is turning his nose up at his feed, he may not just be picky – he may be trying to tell you something! Work with your veterinarian to rule out the common reasons that horses are “picky” eaters.

Take it in stride

It isn’t always easy to make time for everything, but those of us who have horses feel a great responsibility to our animals.

New pool page!

The pool season’s winding down, so get in some swim time and check out our new web page for the swimming pool and tennis courts.

Where’s Duck Norris?

Ducks and geese are a common sight around the YLP Clubhouse, but one captured the hearts of visitors and staff this summer.

Yosemite Valley reopens

Yosemite Valley reopens to the public today at 9 a.m., after being closed since July 25 due to fire suppression activities and heavy smoke. Visitors can access the Valley via Highway 140 from Mariposa or on Big Oak Flat Road from Highway 120. Highway 41 remains closed between Wawona and the Tunnel view.

Conserving water

We have had quite the heat wave lately.  I have lived in this area for 20 years and I still haven’t gotten used to our hot summers.  Animals and humans alike need to keep hydrated, especially as the temperatures hover over 100 degrees.  Our General Manager, Jonathan...

Exciting changes at the golf course

The YLP golf course is a very important park amenity. It is a challenging 9 holes with a beautiful layout and some of the best greens in the valley.

About pool passes

To receive your 2018 Pool pass, you must fill out the Member Pool Pass Form. You may download/fill out the form and bring it into the clubhouse office, or you may come into the office to fill out the form. Passes will be available to pickup at the pool once they are...

New Equestrian Center page!

We’re excited today to launch the new YLP Equestrian Center page. If you have a horse at the center or are thinking of boarding a horse at our popular and active center, this is the place to find out what’s going on.

The Big Bit Band-Aid

From Equestrian Writer: “One of the big controversies in the horse world, particularly in the western arena, is over-bitting.”

Bad air quality – should we exercise our horses?

Equestrian Center Manager Bridget Balestra launches her new blog aimed at horse owners and boarders at the center, but also of interest to YLP residents who appreciate and value this important amenity we all support.

Phone system issues

We have recently been experiencing a number of challenges with our existing phone system. We have been trouble shooting these issues, implementing work arounds and evaluating alternate solutions.

Water: Please conserve

With the recent jump to sustained triple digit weather and no end any time soon, we are asking everyone to please conserve water. While there is not a crisis or current emergency, we are presently consuming more water than we are pumping.

4 elected to YLOA board

A voting quorum of 25% of YLOA members in good standing was achieved Monday at the continuation session of the Annual Meeting. Four of five candidates were elected to the YLOA Board of Directors: Rebecca Brannon, Michelle Piotrowski, Kathleen Rondeau-Taylor and Ken...

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