YLP Cares is now accepting donations at www.ylpcares.org.

YLP Cares is a California non-profit corporation that provides financial assistance with HOA assessments and water bills to YLP residents in financial distress. It is 100% supported by donations from fellow residents.

Aug. 28 statement from General Manager Jonathan Penrose:

○ We have been working on the initial by-laws, which had been delayed, BUT I am

happy to announce that they are drafted and undergoing review

○ They will be submitted to IRS along with application for 501c3 status before next

board meeting.

○ We can officially operate as a non-profit organization, however, donations will

not be FEDERALLY tax deductible until IRS completes their approval

○ We now have over $6,000 in initial funding committed from employees and

residents, and expect to be able to receive other donations within a few weeks!