YLOA and YSPUC have new boards of directors for 2019-2020, after it was determined on July 30 that at least 25 percent of lot owners in good standing had submitted ballots for this year’s election.

The results as announced at the Annual Meeting Continuation held Tuesday evening in the Clubhouse were:

Sandy Eigenman 569
David Mahan 435
Doug Dorsey 377

They joined the YLOA board immediately and will serve two-year terms. Eigenman and Dorsey are newcomers; Mahan was elected to a two-year term after having been appointed to the board. In addition, Director Denis Ciccarelli, whose term ended this month, will serve out the final year of the term vacated by the resignation earlier this year of Kathy Rondeau-Taylor.

Sue Beck 94
Mitchell Riegelhuth 15
Mike Ratley 9
Robin Payton 6
Tim Curley 3
Barabara Wagoner 3
Hillary Clinton 3
Brian Calleme 2
Alex Pierce 1

A total 547 ballots were submitted, representing 27.3% of the 2,003 properties whose owners were in good standing at the time of the election. YLOA bylaws require a 25% quorum to validate an election. Two years ago, the scheduled election was invalidated because quorum had not been reached.

Each voter was asked to submit a total of three votes for a candidate or a combination of candidates.

After the announcement, board members elected officers.

YLOA Board of Directors for 2019-2020
President Rebecca Brannon
Vice President Ken Sartain
Secretary Michelle Piotrowski
Outside Treasurer Mark Zoeller (not a board member)

The Yosemite Springs Park Utility Co. Board of Directors may be made up of YLOA board members, but it is not required. On Tuesday, directors Rebecca Brannon and Denis Ciccarelli stepped down from their YSPUC seats. They were replaced, with board approval, by Mark Zoeller and Gary Bryngelson.

YSPUC Board of Directors for 2019-2020
President: David Mahan
Vice President: Ken Sartain
Secretary Michelle Piotrowski
Treasurer: Mark Zoeller

The new boards will hold their first official meetings on Aug. 27, the last Tuesday of the month. The YSPUC board meets at 6 p.m. followed by the YLOA board at 7 p.m.

Thank you to all who voted and helped to get ballots returned!