YLOA Committees

Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association committees are an integral part of the association. Committees are made up of board members and property owners who volunteer their time to review, research and make recommendations to the board on issues with respect to the association. Meeting day and time is listed for each committee. Please contact the office if you have questions or are interested in joining a committee.

Disaster and Safety-Health

Working together with the board, management and staff to create and educate residents on disaster and safety preparedness.

Meets 1st Monday of the month at 6:00 PM – Fireside Room YLOA Clubhouse

Chair: Director Todd Benzie

Engineering and Planning

Working with the Board, management and staff on recommendations and priorities for maintenance, improvements and replacements of amenities and Association components to the Board of Directors. 

Meets 2nd Tuesday 5:00 PM – General Managers Office

Chair: Director Ken Sartain


Governing Documents and Policy

Review of the Association’s governing documents, recommend updates, catalogue and maintain new or updated policies/rules.

Meets 3rd Wednesday at 4:00 PM – General Manager’s Office

Chairs: Directors Sandy Eigenman/Kathy Miller

Trails and Recreation

Working with the board, management and staff to improve, maintain and repair trails and all YLOA recreation amenities.

Meets 1st Tuesday 5:00 PM – Clubhouse Library

Chair: Director Todd Benzie and Marie Touitou 


Members meet to share suggestions, schedule events and review potential concerns related to the Equestrian facility.

Meets 2nd Thursday 6:00 PM at the Equestrian Center

Chair: Director Sandy Eigenman

Yosemite Lakes Golf Committee

 Schedules and manages events at the golf course and provides suggestions for improvements and maintenance of the YLOA golf course.

Meets 2nd Tuesday 6:00 PM – Clubhouse Library

Chair: Director Sandy Eigenman


Develops suggestions for communications to members. 

Meets 1st Thursday 4:30 PM – Clubhouse

Chair: Director Sue Beck


Assists and advises the YLOA/YSPUC Board of Directors in matters regarding budgets, reserves and accounting, and investment and technology safety. Committee Members include YLOA & YSPUC Presidents and Treasurer, General Manager and Association Controller who meet monthly in closed session.

Chair: Director David Mahan

Meets: 2nd Tuesday 3 PM – Clubhouse

Environmental Control (ECC)

ECC is charged with reactive enforcement of the Declarations of Restrictions (DORs) and has authority to levy scheduled fines and monetary penalties as established and approved by the Board of Directors. ECC committee includes 3 Board members and two association members who meet monthly in closed session. 

Chair: Director Doug Dorsey

Meets: 3rd Tuesday 6:30 PM – Clubhouse