YLOA Committees

Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association committees are an integral part of the association. Committees are made up of board members and property owners who volunteer their time to review, research and make recommendations to the board on issues with respect to the association. Meeting day and time is listed for each committee. Please contact the office if you have questions or are interested in joining a committee.

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If you’d like to join a committee, please:

• Download, fill out, sign and return the YLOA Committee Statement of Interest and return it to the YLOA offices.
• Download and read the Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy.

DASH (Disaster and Safety/Health)

The purpose of the Disaster, Safety/Health Committee (DASH) is to enhance safety awareness in the community and to define and recommend policy and procedure to the Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association (YLOA) Board of Directors (Board) for any and all issues related to improving, establishing and enforcing safety and security for members, visitors, and property of YLOA.

Download DASH Committee charter

Engineering and Planning

The Engineering and Planning Committee develops multi-year strategies and goals to guide future operational decisions that maintain, enhance, and protect the value of Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association (YLOA).

Download Engineering and Planning charter

Governing Documents and Policy

The purpose of the committee is to review and propose revisions to the Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association’s (YLOA) governing documents, including but not limited to the Bylaws, Declarations of Restrictions, Rules, Regulations and Resolutions to support the mission, values and goals of the YLOA.

Download Governing Documents and Policy charter

Trails and Recreation

The Trails and Recreation Committee will ensure the provision and maintenance of the recreational areas and structures in the common areas of Yosemite Lakes Park (YLP) including, but not limited to, the Recreation Center, Pools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Court, Horseshoe Pits, and a community wide inter-connected system of paths and trails passing through or along the common areas, connecting roads, trails and other easements in YLP, which are all or in part suitable for use by pedestrians, ridden horses and pedal cyclists.

Download Trails and Recreation charter


The Yosemite Lakes Park Equestrian Center (YLPEC) will develop recommendations that reflect the needs and desires of the Yosemite Lakes Park (YLP) equestrian community and to enhance the YLPEC to continue to serve as a desirable amenity for the community.

Download Equestrian Committee charter

Yosemite Lakes Golf Committee

The Yosemite Lakes Golf Committee (YLGC) will provide and organize golf activities to effectively promote recreational opportunities, encourage member and community involvement, and preserve, protect, and enhance Yosemite Lakes Golf Course to continue to serve as a desirable amenity for the community.


The primary responsibility of the committee is to keep the Yosemite Lakes Park (YLP) community informed by working together with the Yosemite Lakes Owner’s Association (YLOA) Board of Directors (Board) and management to engage and educate residents, foster two-way communication, and present accurate information in a timely and convenient manner.s suggestions for communications to members.

Download Communications charter

Environmental Control (ECC)

The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) will provide guidance to members and oversee architectural requests and compliance in support of the established Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association (YLOA) Declaration of Restrictions and ECC guidelines and encourage development and maintenance of the Yosemite Lakes Park community to preserve and enhance property values.

Download Environmental Control charter

Finance, Accounting, Technology & Risk Assessment

The Finance,  Accounting, Technology and Risk Assessment (FiAT) Committee will have general supervision of all Association finances, provide financial and accounting oversight, and assist in matters regarding budgets, reserves and investments, technology safety, and ensure compliance and develop policies that further serve to protect the organization and manage exposure to risk.

Finance, Accounting, Technology and Risk Assessment charter