YLOA Board of Directors

About the board: 

The YLOA Board of Directors is elected by a vote of the membership. The board officers are elected by board vote. The board has a legal responsibility to exercise due care and undivided loyalty in the interests of the association. 

The board is responsible for:

  •  Maintaining existing assets and amenities
  •  Funding reserves
  •  Common area maintenance
  •  Rules enforcement
  •  Financial and operational management 

YLOA Board meetings are now held both in the clubhouse and online.

Beginning Tuesday, May 3, the YLOA Board of Directors will introduce a new platform to provide online viewing and participation for monthly and special meetings. YLOA members may GO HERE for complete information and to sign up.

Ask the board

Meet the directors

Sandy Eigenman

Term: Appointed 2021-22
Formerly in securities, banking and insurance compliance. YLP homeowner since 2003. Board member 2019-2021, board president 2020-2021.

Doug Dorsey
Vice President

Term: 2021-23
Twenty plus years in the grocery industry. Home Depot for 7 years before becoming disabled in 2009.

Randy Sacks

Term: 2021-22
Owner of Artisan Printing Co., formerly worked as printing broker. Now active with Neighborhood Watch program.

David Mahan

Term: 2021-2023
Retired teacher, retired US Army Reserve after 36 years, President of HOA in Fresno 8 years

Kathy Miller

Term: 2020-2022
Registered nurse and semi retired nursing instructor. Yosemite Lakes Park property owner for 30 years.

Beate Olivas

Term: 2021-2023
38 years with IRS, former taxpayer advocate/appeals officer for U.S. Tax Court

Ken Sartain

Term: 2020-2022
Formerly in management at Stanford University, other organizations

Dennis Britt
Outside Treasurer

Term: at directors’ discretion