The YLOA Board of Directors took the following actions at the regular Feb. 25, 2020 meeting. Vice President Ken Sartain led the meeting in the absence of President Rebecca Brannon.

Tie vote: To authorize the placement of a modular office building for use by YLOA Security on the rear tennis court closest to the swimming pool buildings. (See Engineering and Planning Committee recommendation below)

Approved: Motion to put out for public review revised guidelines for the posing of signs in Yosemite Lakes.

Approved: A motion to consider including a swimming pool heater in the proposed 2020-21 budget.

Approved: Appointing a 2020 Election Committee comprised of directors David Mahan, Michelle Piotrowski and Sandy Eigenman, with Eigenman as chair.

Approved: Scheduling the 2020 YLOA Annual Meeting for 1 p.m. Sunday, July 12, in the YLP Clubhouse, with a possible continuation meeting set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 21.

Approved: Appointing YLOA member Marie Touitou as inspector of elections for the 2020 YLOA annual election.

In her motion to appoint Touitou, Director Sandy Eigenman stated:

“In accordance with the Davis-Sterling Act, the association shall select an independent third party as an inspector of elections.

“This person may be a member, but may not be a director or a candidate for director or be related to a director or to a candidate for director. An independent third party may not be a person, business entity, or subdivision of a business entity who is currently employed or under contract to the association for any compensable services other than serving as an inspector of elections.

“An inspector of elections shall perform all duties impartially, in good faith, to the best of the inspector of election’s ability, as expeditiously as is practical, and in a manner that protects the interest of all members of the association.”

 Engineering & Planning Committee motion to YLOA Board of Directors Feb 19, 2020

Subject: Temporary placement of Security Office structure on one Tennis Court.


With the remodel of our office space in the YLP clubhouse it has become evident that we will not be able to fit all current personnel in the remodeled space available. We have purchased new high speed printing, copying & sorting equipment that has reduced the square footage left for desks & people. Our Security Office has been in this crowded upstairs space. Their functions are not administrative, so they are the best choice to relocate to the rear tennis court into a Modular Office structure. We consider this to be our most economical option in the short term. With the advantage of having the Security Office located next to the Swimming Pool & still be close to the Clubhouse. Through Fix Our Stuff we plan to have this be only a temporary placement of the structure on one tennis court. The building would be relocated, at a future date, to a permanent location as FOS funds become available.

The Engineering & Planning Committee has considered the need for the move of our Security Office from its current location, we therefore recommend to the YLOA Board of Directors the immediate acceptance of this motion as we need to proceed in a timely manner to provide the proper work
space for our employees.


To authorize the placement of a Modular Office Building for use as the YLOA Security Office. on the
rear Tennis Court closest to the Swimming Pool buildings.

This motion is subject to approval by the YLOA Board of Directors.

David Mahan
Chairman Engineering & Planning Committee