Motions approved Tuesday, Oct. 6, by the YLOA Board of Directors:

• Change the regular monthly meetings of the YLOA Board of Directors from the last Tuesday of each month to the first Tuesday to give additional time for preparation of board packets. This will begin with the November YLOA Board meeting on Nov. 3.

• Approve revised sign guidelines to follow local government law. Guidelines will be posted for a 28-day review and comment period.

• Approve purchase of a used excavator for water pipeline and road work.


Regarding reports of a proposed commercial project in YLOA at Lilley Mountain Drive and Road 400:

  1. There’s been no approval for any commercial projects in YLOA.
  2. The commercial zoning in YLOA does not allow construction of the venue presently proposed.
  3. The owners have petitioned the County of Madera for a Conditional Use Permit. The county notified YLOA Sept. 3 of an application to change commercial zoning of this project.

The ECC responded to the Madera County request by asking for a full environmental impact report and evaluation of the potential impacts on residents.

Items discussed Tuesday by the YSPUC Board of Directors:

Road Title: The way is cleared for YLOA to get back the title for its roads dating to 1978 when a quit-claim deed to YLOA was never properly recorded in Madera County. The new GM assistant, Debra Souza, through research was able to clear up the matter and arrange to get the title back in YLOA’s name and have it recorded. This was crucial to get a permit to drill a much-needed replacement water well at the golf course.

Water storage: The YSPUC. Board is researching the possibility of allowing residents to have water storage tanks on their properties to assist in firefighting. At present, our DORs do not allow for water storage tanks on private property.