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YLP has miles of trails for walking, running and horseback riding. The most popular surrounds Blue Heron Lake. There are others running through YLP green spaces and along Lilley and Rivas mountains. Our Trails and Recreation Committee works to keep the trails marked and cleared.
Easements of five feet along the front, sides and rear of each lot exist for the use and maintenance of recreational trails, including bridle trails.
Parking is very limited at the trailheads. The Governing Documents state “No vehicle shall be parked on the paved portion of any street in the Subdivision.” You are allowed to park on the road easement between the property line and the pavement. For fire safety, do not drive or park on vegetation higher than 2 inches.

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Much more recreation!

Trails are only the beginning — go down this page to learn about our Rec Center, baseball field, and other facilities that each have their own pages — Swimming Pool and Tennis Court and Equestrian Center.

Stagecoach Trail

A sometimes challenging but rewarding hike of nearly four miles through the west end of YLP. Really get back to nature through our oak-and-manzanita rich preserve along the south side of Lilley Mountain.

Blue Heron Loop Trail

Our most popular trail, around the edge of Blue Heron Lake and our clubhouse. Park in the clubhouse lot and take in an invigorating walk while enjoying the scenery. Many gather to walk their dogs each morning.

Revis Mountain Trail

Hike the mountain that looms over the east side of YLP. A foray to the top rewards you with breathtaking views. Pack a lunch and relax at the pergola. Just remember to pack in-pack out!

Scenes on the trail

Rec Center

Yosemite Lake Park’s Rec Center is located on Long Hollow Drive just west of Glacier Drive.

Along with a baseball field — which can be lighted at night — basketball court and horseshoe pits, there is a playground and picnic area with tables and barbecue grill.

Event parking is also provided. Contact YLOA for events and availability.

Baseball field

In spring, the ballpark is home to the Yosemite Little League, which has an active Facebook page and website with schedule of games.

Trails & Recreation Committee documents

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