Our local schools started back this week and it got me thinking about when I was in school and how hard it could be to juggle all of my responsibilities. I think us adults can understand the difficulty of that also.

It isn’t always easy to make time for everything, but those of us who have horses feel a great responsibility to our animals. If we don’t feed them, clean their stalls and exercise them than who will? I frequently find myself feeling guilty if anything gets in the way of my time with my horses. Not only am I responsible for them, I enjoy my time with them. I have also found that if I let my guilt take over, time with my horses isn’t as enjoyable. When life gets busy we can still find a way to not only make time but keep our barn time fun!

I have found that I need to set reasonable expectations for myself and my horses. There are days that I get more done than I had anticipated but those days are few and far between. Even if I stick to my schedule the nature of a shared boarding facility or an uncooperative horse can change my whole plan. We all have our off days, horses too and they don’t know what your plan was for the day. Flexibility is also key. I struggle with this one, if my plans or expectations for my time with my horse don’t go as planned it can be disappointing and frustrating. One of the great things about horses is that everything is a learning experience. When I hold tight to that outlook no moment goes to waste.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t seem to have time for it all, just make the most of the time you have. And don’t forget that we can rely on each other for help!

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