Using a map in the YSPUC office, Ken Harrington points to the stretch of Lilley Mountain Drive where a water main bypass will be installed to deal with an unusual number of leaks.

Our water company and pipeline crew have been working hard to repair an unusually high number of water main leaks on Lilley Mountain Drive.

As a result, along the most affected roadway just west of the YSPUC’s million-gallon tank, crews are preparing to lay a “bypass” water main for about 700 feet to avoid  even more leaks expected to come from the aging stretch of pipe under the road.

In fact, as of Tuesday morning, water company Manager Ken Harrington said YSPUC has had a record number: 11 main repairs in four days. Crews working on the separate, YLOA-managed Pipeline Replacement Project elsewhere in YLP have halted their work to help Harrington’s crews. Work literally has been going on around the clock.

The bypass line will be a temporary, above-ground pipeline alongside and partly beneath Lilley Mountain Drive. When completed, it will carry water to adjoining properties through their service lines and also all water service to YLP residents west of that point, on toward Road 400.

Again, it’s meant to be temporary and will be replaced with a permanent pipeline as part of the long-term Pipeline Replacement Project now going on. Most recently, PRP crews have been trenching ground for new pipeline in the Crystal Cave Circle area.

Residents will be notified of any interruptions in service as a result of the work through “YLP Alerts” on, on the official YLP Facebook page and on the official YLP Twitter account, @ylp_hoa.

The YLOA and YSPUC boards of directors, YLOA General Manager Jonathan Penrose and all employees of your community HOA thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work on addressing long-standing maintenance issues facing this beautiful community we call home.