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Welcome to our Submit Community Events page!

Using the form below, you and your organization or activity can instantly and easily submit information about an upcoming event, and get it added to the YLP Events Calendar.

Event submissions are checked every weekday by YLOA staff and activated on our calendar if they adhere to our basic rules. Event must be:

  • Within Yosemite Lakes Park
  • At least two days in advance, although we strongly suggest at least a week ahead.
  • Open to all YLP members and the public.

Not eligible are events for personal gain, such as garage sales.

All submissions are subject to review and may be omitted at our discretion.

• To schedule a free event/activity in the clubhouse that’s open to the public, Fill out the form and then contact Customer Service Representative Samantha LaMar at 559-517-3499 to make sure there’s no conflicting activity and the clubhouse is available.

• To schedule an activity in the clubhouse for which there will be a charge, or is a private event, fill out the form and then call Assistant Food & Beverage Manager/Banquet & Events Coordinator Kassie Daniels at 559-517-3467.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Customer Service Representative Samantha LaMar at 559-517-3499

Upcoming events

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