Obviously driving over YLP speed limit, 35 mph, is never a good idea, and usually slower is better considering the many walkers on the roadway, not to mention deer and other wildlife.

But there’s a special reason to slow down nowadays on Lilley Mountain Drive where our Pipeline Replacement Project crew is installing new water main and traffic is limited to a single lane with a flag crew during work hours.

The work is along a stretch of the mountaintop roadway just west of the big water tank. Signs are posted and access for now in either direction is limited to local residents and their guests.

According to crew supervisor Gerad Benack, 160 feet of new main has been installed but there’s still a month of construction left.

“We don’t want any accidents,” he said Thursday at the site. “We just want it to go safely… we work for everyone here.”

Good advice, no matter where work is being done on and around our 50-plus miles of roads! Remember, our employees have families, too, that look forward to their safe return each workday.