From John Wandler, vice chairman Yosemite Lakes Golf Association

Once again we had a great turnout with 37 players.  We mixed up play by alternating RED, WHITE and BLUES tee shots.

Our handicapping system continues to be keep winning scores competitive.  Our 1st – 4th place payouts were within 2 strokes.

1st Place – Ken Frietas, Jack Passarella, Tanner Maush and Glen Durst
2nd Place – Harley Glines, Jackson Glines, McKay Glines and Derrick Mello
3rd Place – (With a birdie on the 1st cardoff hole) Art Gerow, AJ Gerow, Jeannie Stone and Neil Ordway
4th Place – Jerry Mello, Lance Courtney, Joel Greathouse, Maddy Frietas and David Morreau

Closest to the Pin – (I didn’t save the envelopes, so the distances are approximate based on my memory)

1st – Lance Courtney – 11″
2nd – John Wandler – 33″

#5 We almost had our 1st Scramble Hole-in-One since last year !!!
1st and 2nd places went to David Morreau at 1″ and they made the putt.  David got the 1st and 2nd place $ since there were not any other names listed for closest to the pin.

*** Our Hole-in-One Insurance is up to 144.00.  The 3.00 you put in the pot is good until a Hole-in-One is made.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with how it works, the $ goes towards drinks for all scramble participants on the 19th hole.  The extra money left after the tab and tip is paid goes into your pocket.  So if we have a scramble with 24 players, drinks and tip would be about 100.00, so you’d put about 45.00 in your pocket, not a bad day of golf EmojiEmoji.

1st – Tiffany at 4″
2nd – Art Gerow 7″

Our next scramble event will be towards the end of October.  Emails will be sent out along with flyers posted throughout the park.
If you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact Neil Ordway or myself via email.  You can also write them down and put them in the tournament box inside the pro shop, make it attention to the Scramble Committee.

Thanks again for your participation, we hope to see you next month.