Yosemite Lakes Park Private Security (PPO#10839) covers a wide range of services. We patrol all of Yosemite Lakes Park and its property as well as answer calls for service, perform welfare and house checks and respond to fire and medical aid calls. As a courtesy, we also handle deceased-animal removal.

Calls for service vary from vandalisms, burglaries, poaching, and securing amenities to various types of animal calls and or complaints.

Yosemite Lakes Park Private Security is driven to provide the best service possible when it comes to the safety and welfare of the residents and property.

Tammie Hairell
Chief of Security


(559) 760-7979

Madera County Sheriff’s Dispatch
(559) 675-7769 

On the job

Report an animal

There are times when a domestic animal is causing issues in Yosemite Lakes Park, and at these times it’s important to know whom to call. Loose or aggressive animals, or animal noise complaints are among potential problems.

Loose Animals: Call Madera County Animal Services first, then call Security. Calling Animal Services at (559)675-7891ensures that there is a location to house the loose animal in case the owner cannot be found.

Aggressive Animals: Call Madera County Animal Services at (559)675-7891. The agency is properly equipped to handle aggressive animals, and it has housing to hold the animal until the owner can be found. After a report has been made to Animal Services, another can then be made to Security. Security then will check the area and help Animal Services.

Animal Noise Complaint: Make the complaint first to Madera County Animal Services. Doing so will ensure the proper help from local law enforcement agencies. Then make a report to the Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association office to have a record of a noise ordinance violation.

Elder Orphan program

Security has adopted the Elder Orphan program started by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department to check in on elderly residents. Some families may not be available to check on loved ones who live alone and Security staff members can do that.

House checks

Going on vacation or just want added protection for your home? With residential house checks, Security can check on your house. House checks are available on either a short-term or long-term basis. Drive-by checks are offered to observe your home from the roadside to make sure it is safe and secure. Physical checks involve Security personnel walking around your home and checking to make sure there are no signs of break-ins or vandalism. You can also have a combination of both, drive-by checks when you are home to not disturb you and physical checks when you are away.

Pet identification

For many residents of Yosemite Lakes Park, pets are regarded as members of the family. When these pets get out and lost, Security is here to help. We recommend filling out a Yosemite Lakes Pet Registration Sheet, so that these family members have an easier time getting back home. You can talk with Security at any time to make sure they have a current record of your pet, or you can fill out the form below and attach a picture. More information is provided once you complete the form.


Important information


Are you allowed to fire a weapon in the park?

There is no shooting allowed in the park. This is not only an YLOA ordinance but a Madera County ordinance as well. Therefore there is no shooting allowed for things such as target practice and/ or hunting animals, birds, etc. For more information please read the ordinance as it pertains to firearms code 9.92 for Madera County. It states:

Yosemite Lakes Park. This area includes all that territory lying within the boundaries of Yosemite Lakes Park as shown on those subdivision maps recorded at Volume 16 of maps, pages 37 – 70, a portion of which was amended and re-recorded at volume 23 of maps on pages 1 and 2.

This pertains to any implement which can cause damage to person(s) or property or even death. This includes

all implements such as rifles, pistols, bb guns, pellet guns, archery and hand held archery, wrist rockets, etc.

What do I need to do before I burn?

Remember to check before you burn. Residents are allowed to burn a 4 x 4 pile of brush with a 10 foot clearance area around the burn pile and must have an adult present with a shovel and a hose ready if the flames escape the burn pile. Burn permits are required and can be picked up at Station 8 located at 47050 Road 417, Coarsegold, CA 93614. Call (559) 683-8008 if you need further information. Burn day info number is (877) 429-2876. Just follow the prompts to see if it is a permissive burn day. NOTE: Yosemite Lakes Park is below 3,000 ft.



Important information


Can I walk my pet without a leash?

The leash law for Madera County is the same for Yosemite Lakes. All dogs

must be on a leash and not allowed to run loose. For any questions regarding licensing or the leash law you can contact Madera County Animal Services at (559) 675-7891.

Can Security check my house if I go out of town?

We provide house checks for residents who go on vacation. Security will walk around your house to check all doors and windows to make sure it is secure. You can also have us do drive by checks where we will sit in front of the house for approximately 5 minutes to check the home from the street. Madera County Sheriff’s Department also provides this service. Whomever you choose this service is free. We also do welfare checks on those who live alone to make sure they are doing okay. These checks require a face to face with the resident so that we can evaluate if there are any needs.