A voting quorum of 25% of YLOA members in good standing was achieved Monday at the continuation session of the Annual Meeting.

Four of five candidates were elected to the YLOA Board of Directors: Rebecca Brannon, Michelle Piotrowski, Kathleen Rondeau-Taylor and Ken Sartain.

Total valid ballots cast: 542
Required for 25% quorum: 501

YLOA Board of Directors, with votes
Rebecca Brannon 459
Ken Sartain 434
Michelle Piotrowski 403
Kathleen Rondeau-Taylor 260

Not elected: Natalina Brownfield 170

Governing Docs amendments results:
Bylaws quorum 320 Yes 180 No
Bylaws amendments 353 Yes 147 No
Declaration of Restrictions amendments 347 Yes 146 No

Although “yeses” exceeded “nos,” none of the issues passed because they did not meet the requirement of  50% + 1 yes votes of the entire membership.

The four newcomers join three current directors — David Mahan, Denis Ciccarelli and Tom Swire.

After the results were announced, the new board voted to organize for the coming year:

YLOA officers for 2018-2019
President Rebecca Brannon
VP Tom Swire
Secretary Michelle Piotrowski
(Outside) Treasurer Mark Zoeller (not elected)

YSPUC officers for 2018-2019
President David Mahan
VP Ken Sartain
Secretary Michelle Piotrowski
(Outside) Treasurer Mark Zoeller (not elected)

The new YLOA board will hold its first regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21 in the Clubhouse, preceded by the YSPUC monthly board meeting at 6 p.m.



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