From Jonathan Penrose
YLOA General Manager

We have recently been experiencing a number of challenges with our existing phone system. Challenges include outside callers receiving a busy signal, the need to manually reset some phone lines, calls routed to wrong extensions and erratic deliveries and/or notifications of voice mails. We have been simultaneously trouble shooting these issues, implementing work arounds and evaluating alternate solutions.

We do understand the frustration this can cause and I promise that we DO want to talk to you.

I anticipate that we will complete implementation of a new communications solution before the end of September. The new solution should significantly improve the reliability and features of our present system. This was not a budgeted item for this year, but it is a necessity. Based on present information, I believe we will be able to deploy the new system while keeping our telecommunications costs the same or slightly lower.

I will provide more information about this in future editions of The YLP Voice.

In the meantime, we ask for your patience. You can try email as an alternate way to reach us, or please leave a live message with the front desk.

Also, if you do leave a voice mail message, please include your name and phone number. We receive a number of messages that include neither a name or number and since our current system doesn’t support caller ID, we have no way to return these calls.

Improving communication and transparency is one of our most important priorities and you should start seeing the results of this very soon.

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