Since installing our new phone system there has been a dramatic increase in the number of calls we are receiving — averaging about 275 incoming calls per day. Our old system did not have the ability to track call volume, but on a typical day we would receive about 30-50 ring-throughs to our front office.

Some of this is due to the time of year, but we believe that much of the difference is due to the old system not routing calls correctly — which I believe led to many of the complaints about the office not responding to or returning calls. We didn’t have a way to track them and we didn’t know we were missing them.

The good news is that we ARE receiving the calls and know they are coming in. The bad news is that it is keeping our front office staff incredibly busy as the phone is ringing 500% more often than before.

Now that we know the calls are there, we promise to get to them, but we are asking everyone to please be patient as we adjust to the new call volume.

Jonathan Penrose
General Manager