Volunteers are being sought in YLP to help with two projects:


The pizza oven area, with inset showing the type of structure to cover it.
• Construction of a large pavilion/gazebo at the clubhouse to enclose the new pizza oven and prep area. Especially needed are people skilled at woodworking and carpentry, although most of the structure is in kit form. Contact Director Ken Sartain at 650-465-5534 or ylpkensartain@gmail.comView his detailed plans and volunteer needs here.


Part of the deteriorating roof at the horse stalls.
 • Installing a new temporary roof on the existing frame for the Equestrian Center horse stalls. The current roof is in bad shape and won’t last another season. The center is doing well, all stalls are currently full and events are regularly planned. If you’d like to help, call the YLOA office at 658-7466.