Work is about to start on fixing the clubhouse roof, which has been a source of problems and leaks for many years.

Here is a comparison of the roof’s appearance now and a photo-illustration of approximately what it will look like after the re-roofing job, from two different angles.

Note: the roof’s shape will not change, even though the photo illustrations make it appear that way.

The vendors have been chosen and work will begin in May and take approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

The roof work is the first step in the five-year Fixing Our Stuff (FOS) plan approved last month by the YLOA Board of Directors.

Replacement air conditioning units that use half the electricity of the old, current units will be installed at the same time. No more ugly, inefficient air conditioning units and metal ducting on the roof.

For more information on Fixing Our Stuff and the public Town Halls and open budget meetings earlier this year that lead to the board’s decision after much study, go to the Community News, Public Documents and Videos pages on this website.