New phone numbers for YLOA, YSPUC and amenities will take effect June 1.

The numbers are being changed because of worsening problems in recent years with the existing Sierra Tel-based phone system at YLOA and its facilities and amenities.

An exhaustive effort was made to keep the existing numbers which are held by Sierra Tel — but without success. YLP’s new phones will be part of an integrated, modern communications system with the ability to easily forward calls to any department or phone and to record calls among other features.

The most commonly used numbers will be:

Main YLOA offices: 559-517-3499

YSPUC administration: 559-517-3799

YLP Security: 559-517-3480

Blue Heron Restaurant: 559-517-3467

Fairway Cafe: 559-517-3470

Pro Shop: 559-517-3474

On and after June 1, calls made to existing numbers will direct callers to the new numbers. More information will be made available at YLP Life and at in coming weeks.