Here’s a blog I thought you’d all enjoy!

By Amy Cohan
Published Nov. 6 on smartpakequine.com

How many times have you been asked about your horse, “what do you want to do with him?”, “What are you two trying to accomplish?”, “what will his job be?”.

I recently purchased a 4-year-old Mustang, who I named Pablo, in July. And when I did, everyone started asking me those questions. Well, shoot. My whole life I have wanted a green mustang…so just having him was already a LIFE tile for me. But it got me thinking, I really did have a lot of things I wanted to do with him, aside from having a lifelong adventure partner. So I decided to write my “Pablo Bucket List”. Disclaimer: some of these I have already accomplished, because I got lucky with this guy — and some I may never accomplish. But it’s been so fun to write them down, and check them off as I go!

Read Amy’s blog and see her photos.

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