YLOA & YSPUC General Manager

June is a busy month as we wrap up our 2018 Fiscal Year and prepare for 2019-2020. I’m pleased to report several positive developments.

1) 2019-2020 FINANCIAL AND POLICY PACKETS: Packets were mailed/e-mailed out in May. They were almost completely re-written to comply with the latest requirements of Davis-Sterling — the CA law that governs HOAs.


2) NEW PHONE SYSTEM: Our new, modern phone system installation is complete and the new phone numbers are active. For a short time, we will be accepting calls on both the old system and the new system with the old numbers phasing out over the next few weeks. The new system enhances our communications and will save us approximately $500/month in communication costs.

3) NEW ROOF AND AC: Replacement of the clubhouse roof and air conditioning systems is underway. Installation of the new AC system should be complete by Wednesday, June 5, and the roof completed in approximately 2-3 weeks. We discovered some rotted roofing boards that were close to failure right above our Security and IT offices. If they had broken, it could have caused a significant amount of damage — so GREAT NEWS that we averted that.

The new AC units are 2X as efficient as the old units and we expect to save about $12,000 per year in electricity costs.

The new roof will be more energy efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing and will save us about $4,000 to $5,000 per year in maintenance and labor to deal with leaks. The new shingles have a 50-year warranty and there is a 40-year warranty on the flat sections.

4) POOL IS OPEN. After a 1 week delay due to inclement weather, thunderstorms and unseasonably cold temperatures, the pool opened on June 2. The new electronic gate, signage and security cameras have been installed. By switching to a ‘self-service’ model, we will be saving about $40,000 this year in labor costs and have extended the pool hours and pool season.

5) NEW SECURITY VEHICLES: After being down to one security vehicle for the last two months, with limited patrols, we have acquired two new security vehicles. The new vehicles are former, lightly used law enforcement vehicles that we were able to acquire for under $8,500 each. One of the vehicles has about 12,000 miles and the other about 44,000. They are being updated with our logos and outfitted with some newer electronics and should be on the road within a few weeks.

This gives us much needed flexibility and should actually reduce our cost per mile compared to our old fleet. Due to the low mileage, we expect these vehicles to last for several years. Maintenance costs on our other security vehicles had increased dramatically in the last few years due to high maintenance and repair costs and we expect the reduced maintenance and operating costs to offset the purchase price within a few years.

A special thank you to board member Denis Ciccarelli for driving our officers to Southern California to pick up the new vehicles.

6) YLP CARES: YLP Cares has been incorporated. YLP Cares is a new non-profit organization that will help our community qualify for grants, encourage volunteerism and provide financial assistance to local residents. Initial funding of $5,000 has been provided from personal donations of various employees and board members.

Look for additional information after our next association board meeting on June 17.

7) PERSONAL THANK YOU: And a personal note of appreciation to ALL our YLOA/YSPUC board members who are 100% volunteers. Each board member typically invests 30-40 hours EVERY MONTH to help guide, direct, improve and enhance our community.

It can be a thankless and sometimes controversial job, but it is essential for the future of our community — and without exception, our current board members care passionately about our community.