The YLOA board voted to:

  • Authorize the general manager to use funds from the reserve account to complete approved capital expenditures for the equestrian roof, replacement truck and golf carts. General funds will be deposited in the reserve account on a pro rata basis during the fiscal year. The motion was adopted with an amendment to direct the general manager to prepare and present a transfer of funds to the reserve account on a monthly basis.
  • Direct that video recordings of monthly board meetings be posted in the Members area of yosemitelakespark.org within three working days of the meetings.

Among other items:

  • The new pizza oven is expected to be installed next week, with full-size pizzas becoming available at the Yosemite Grill by early November. More details to come.
  • The OSS pipeline replacement project this year is expected to complete about 10 percent more pipeline than expected, up to 5,600 to 5,700 feet. A resident in this summer’s construction area on Tioga and North Dome praised the crews who have been working there as “great guys” who are respectful and good workers.
  • The YSPUC board was told that a wireless water meter system is being evaluated to replace the current system of meters that must be read manually — potentially saving labor costs and correcting inaccuracies caused by aging meters.
  • Plans are being made to improve seating and flooring at the Fairway Cafe.
  • General Manager Jonathan Penrose has directed Facilities Manager Corey Johnson to install previously purchased, high-definition security cameras at the entrances to YLP.
  • General Manager Penrose also showed the design for larger street signs that are being ordered to replace all the street signs in YLP. They are each about 3 feet wide with white reflective letters on a blue background so they can easily be seen at night. They also sport the new YLP logo.
  • Penrose announced that YLGA Treasurer Roger Hoff had resigned from the golf association after many years, and offered a warm thank you for his service to YLP and its golfers.
  • The Environmental Control Committee approved construction of two new homes and ordered a member to cease construction of “tiny houses” on his property.
  • Fire Station 10 Capt. Brian Donaghy advised residents to get their chimneys swept before the heating season begins. In answer to a question, he also said construction at the fire station is for a two-bay garage in hopes of eventually housing a water tender and one more fire truck to meet the needs of the station which covers a large area.
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