Highlights of the March 19 meetings of the YLOA and YPSUC Boards of Directors:

The project to replace the 49A well (49A) at the golf course-Fairway Café parking lot hit a snag earlier this week when the drill bit broke off deep underground and part of the well casing collapsed. The well will have to be abandoned and sealed and a new drilling begun nearby. The incident will add to YSPUC’s costs, but the driller will absorb part of the extra expense. YSPUC General Manager Jonathan Penrose said it’s well worth continuing because the location has proven to produce a large amount of water, in the area of 600-900 gallons a minute, for the golf course and the entire YSPUC system.

The YLOA board:

• Approved purchase of two used Crown Victorias for YLOA Security to replace a vehicle recently damaged beyond repair and also improve security services to members. Money will come from insurance recovery, anticipated savings on an unrelated expenditure and about $5,000 from reserves.

• Discussed the urgent need to fix horse stall roofs as soon as possible. The Engineering Committee and YLOA General Manager Jonathan Penrose recently examined the stalls and are considering spending up to $20,000 to replace the roofs while a long-term solution is worked out.

• Heard a presentation about the Madera County Citizens On Patrol program, now in search of volunteers to join them. More information is available here or call Cpl. Manuel Ramirez at 559-474-1284 or 559-675-7770.

The YLOA board then voted to:

• Approve a recommendation by the Governing Docs Committee to amend the candidate information packet to comply with the state Davis-Stirling rules governing homeowner associations. Election packets (with ballots) now will be mailed out separately from the annual/budget packets to each lot owner and from 30 to 60 days prior to the close of election.

• Provide $500 from the general fund to help Girl Scout Troop 661 put on its annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Rec Center.

The board also approved these matters related to the 2019 election:

• To mail the annual pro-forma budget and annual packet on the same day, but mail election materials separately to better ensure that members get their ballots and candidate statements in a timely manner

• Mail annual budget and annual packet by April 12

• Set the period for director applications from April 21 to May 21

• Mail ballots to members by June 12

• Set the YLOA Annual Meeting for Saturday, July 20

More information, including financial performance and forecasts, is available in the March 19 General Manager reports posted on our Public Documents page.

Videos of both meetings will be available by Friday on our Videos page.