The farrier who shoes my horses recently asked me to invest in bell boots.

For those of  you who may be unfamiliar, bell boots attach at the bottom of the horse’s foot and around the hoof to protect their front shoes from being ripped off by over tracking — if one of the hind feet step on the back of the front shoe. 

It can also help prevent injuries that can be caused by the hind feet stepping on the “heel” of the front foot.  They get their name because they are bell shaped.

The farrier I use lives over an hour away and he (and I) would both prefer not to have him make a special trip if my horse(s) over track and rip off a front shoe. 

Both of my horses require shoes to keep them sound and their feet protected and purchasing bell boots is much more economical than an extra farrier visit. 

I did some research into what kind to buy and like anything I was torn between saving and splurging.  I have found that the saying “you get what you pay for” is accurate in most cases.  I ended up somewhere in the middle and am so far very happy with my purchase. 

Here is an article from SmartPak that talks a little more about the topic of bell boots and gives a couple of recommendations: