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Ken Sartain
YLOA Director

As your newly elected board member and vice president of the YSPUC, I have been learning all I can about how our water system functions and the challenges our capable staff face on a daily basis.

Many of us have experienced this scenario: Turn on the tap….no water. What happened? With increasing frequency our aging water system will fail, causing water outages. These outages are not only inconvenient for YLP homeowners but also costly to repair. And many times they will happen at the most inconvenient time.

On Friday, Dec. 28, at about 3 p.m., I gained first hand insight into a mainline pipe failure response. The location was East Lilley Mountain Way. When I got there, the crew was already onsite, headed by our water department manager, Ken Harrington. The area of the failure had been valved off and the backhoe tractor had begun its work digging out the failed 24-foot section of pipe.

Since this is a high-pressure area, parts of the roadway had been severely undermined and caved-in from being washed out by water gushing from the underground pipe breach.

Over the course of several hours, I stayed there to watch the repair process in action. I want to share that experience with you through a series of photos I took. I’ve captioned each one to explain what’s going on and who’s doing the work.

Keep in mind that the working conditions for this break were on the favorable side. It wasn’t raining, snowing, pouring down rain, freezing cold or blazing hot, or in the middle of the night on a weekend or holiday.

Any of these scenarios could have happened and they HAVE happened but it has never kept our faithful crews from showing up and getting the job done!

Ken Sartain is also a member of the YLOA Engineering Committee and chair of the Communications Committee.