After a break from our shows, we are excited to resume our buckle series on September 30th. We have had a successful series so far.

There are many types of horse shows and competitions. As in any sport, there are levels of competition based on skill level. One of the great things about horses is that there are so many different breeds of horse and disciplines of riding that there is something for everyone.

Horse shows are something that I am quite familiar with. I have been competing in horse shows for about 20 years. The shows we hold at the YLP Equestrian Center are considered open schooling shows. Open means that any breed of horse can participate in the shows. Schooling refers to the level of competition; schooling just basically means practice. The very first shows I ever participated in were at the YLP Equestrian Center, which is one of the reasons that our buckle series is so near and dear to my heart.

Shows like ours are a great way for horse and rider teams to get some practice and experience in the show ring. Navigating the arena with multiple horses in it is not as easy as it looks — there is so much to consider. You want the judge to be able to see you so in a large class of horses you don’t want to be stuck along the rail and end up hidden by the other competitors. It is also important that you give the judge the appropriate space so cutting too far into the middle of the arena isn’t good either. All this must be considered all while trying to ride your best and make your horse look good.

Our schooling shows also incorporate more than one discipline. We have Western riding and English riding. Incorporated into the Western riding is some pattern work like reining and trail classes. Along with our English classes we offer jumping. There are also leadline classes for our youngest competitors to have an opportunity to see what horse shows are about.

In both English and Western divisions, the classes are broken down by age group to make the competition as fair as possible. There are also pleasure and equitation classes. Equitation classes are judged primarily on the rider and Pleasure is judged more on the horse.

I encourage our community to come out to the Equestrian Center on September 30th and support our show!

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