The YLP Golf Course is always well maintained, but this October has been getting some special treatment, not only with the periodic aerating of greens but resodding the back of the 8th green and planned overseeding of the course. On top of that, a big project to bring well water to build up the golf course lake was completed by our pipeline team.

As reported in August, the non-potable well water is expected to help keep the golf course lake level up during summers when it typically gets quite low, helping with appearance but also making more water available for firefighting. Some of that water also is planned for use in landscaping around the clubhouse.

Here’s a photo gallery of some of the work, followed by a video of the water from the pipe pouring into the lake, pumped from a well half a mile away near the clubhouse and parkway.

YLP golfers Bill Eigenman and Greg Easley on Thursday volunteer to help groundskeepers remove plugs from the No. 3 green. Aerating greens, followed by an overlay of sand, is done to keep the greens turf strong and healthy.