By Jonathan Penrose
YLOA/YSPUC General Manager

I am deeply saddened to inform the community that Layton Gillette, our previous General Manager, passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. 

Our prayers and condolences are with Faye  and we offer her our deepest sympathy and compassion in this tragic time of loss. 

Layton served as GM from 2016 to 2018 and was our ECC inspector for many years before that. He was a passionate participant in our golf community and donated his skills and time to many volunteer projects. 

He built the patio covers on our back clubhouse deck and at the Cafe, helped install the bamboo flooring and window-wall between the clubhouse lounge and fireside room, and innumerable other projects throughout the community. 

Layton never wanted to be GM. He reluctantly accepted the position for 3 months to help the association through transition and stayed on for 2 years. 

I remember his laugh, his enthusiasm, his passion and his occasional “bull-headedness”… And his ties… And his trains. 

Mostly though, I remember the tenderness in his voice when he talked of Faye and how blessed he told me he was that they had found each other. 

Goodbye, my friend. You left the world better than you found it.