Remember the slogan by Cal Fire, “If we can’t find you, we can’t help you?” It is so very important to have your address clearly marked and visible whether day or night.

The Yosemite Lakes Park Volunteer FD Auxiliary has a program to buy reflective address markers that are visible and makes it easier to find your residence in the event of an emergency.

They cost $20.00 each and for those age 65 or older they are $15.00.  Please!!  Help us help you in an emergency.  There are forms available in the YLOA office as well as in the security office and always available with a patrol officer.

In the picture you will see what numbers look like from a distance without the reflective sign.  The numbers were on this post but visible only if you were right on the driveway.  Every second counts and we want to make sure that we can get to everyone without delay.

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