The YLP Equestrian Center decided that in 2019 we want to host additional events, not just horse shows. On Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019, we are hosting Trail Trials. It will begin at 10 a.m. and will end when everyone who signed up has had an opportunity to participate.

The cost is $25 for the day and there will be 15 obstacles and different participation levels (novice and open).

For those of you who may not be familiar with Trail Trials, it is essentially an obstacle course on horseback.  Many of the obstacles essentially replicate something you may encounter on a trail ride.  For instance, one of the obstacles may have you ask your horse to step over poles. Out on the trail, you may have to step over tree branches or large rocks.  Some of the advanced Trail Trial courses may have you jump over a small jump. On a trail ride you may come across a tree that has fallen in the path of the trail with no way around it, so if your horse is familiar with taking a small jump then you are prepared for that situation.
Even if you don’t enjoy trail riding, Trail Trials are a great way to work on agility and teamwork with your horse.  To correctly maneuver around the obstacles on horseback, your horse has to trust you and to listen to you. You may be asked to back through barrels or to turn in tight quarters.  Having these skills and that level of connection with your horse can only benefit the horse and rider team.
We encourage everyone to come check it out even if you don’t have a horse to participate with. Please see our flyer for more information.