Highlights from the April 16 meetings of the YLOA and YSPUC boards of directors:

General Manager Jonathan Penrose told the YSPUC board that today, Wednesday, April 17, aerobics inspectors/meter readers accompanied by YLP Security officers will be delivering 48-hour disconnect notices to 150 homes in YLP where bills are seriously in arrears.

The YLOA board voted to:

• Starting with the 2019-2020 fiscal year (in July), change the YLOA and YSPUC monthly board meetings to the last Tuesday of each month, so that the month’s financial information can be prepared in time for directors to review it.

• Adopt General Manager Jonathan Penrose’s five-year Fix Our Stuff plan to use reserve funds to catch up on much-needed maintenance and repair of facilities and amenities.

• Approve 2019 swimming pool fees of $25 per household, with a second pass for $10. Those with smartphones will be able to download and use a special app for digital entry to the pool. Those who don’t have smartphones will need to make an additional one-time purchase of a digital fob for $50. GM Penrose said the pool is now set to open Memorial Day weekend and close on Labor Day, and be operating from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. More details will be given out in coming weeks.

• Approve spending no more than $10,000 for new swimming pool covers to replace the current covers which are in poor condition and dangerous to use. Funds will come from the reserve account.

The Environmental Control Committee noted that a number of YLP home septic systems have been repeatedly warned by YLOA and Madera County for not complying with upkeep requirements. ECC Chairman Tom Swire explained that after a sixth letter is sent to a noncompliant homeowner, a disciplinary hearing is set. He noted that the committee is reviewing its long-neglected schedule of fines with an eye toward bringing them up to date.

Volunteers are being sought in YLP for two projects:

• To help with construction of a large pavilion/gazebo at the clubhouse to enclose the new pizza oven and prep area. Especially needed are people skilled at woodworking and carpentry, although most of the structure is in kit form. Contact Director Ken Sartain at 650-465-5534 or ylpkensartain@gmail.com.

• To help with construction of a new temporary roof on the existing frame for the Equestrian Center horse stalls. The current roof is in bad shape and won’t last another season. The center is doing well, all stalls are currently full and events are regularly planned. If you’d like to help, call the YLOA office at 658-7466.

New phone numbers for YLOA and YSPUC will go into effect June 1. A list of those numbers will be made available in Friday’s YLP Life email newsletter. Calls made to the existing numbers will direct callers to the new numbers. An exhaustive effort was made to keep the existing numbers held by Sierra Tel but without success. Meanwhile, YLOA is moving to fix a long-troubled phone system.

A more detailed report from the meetings, along with links to the complete General Manager’s reports for YLOA and YSPUC, will appear in this Friday’s YLP Voice email newsletter. Sign up at yosemitelakespark.org to receive it every Friday.

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