Randy Ruiz

YLOA General Manager

We have received many calls about a PG&E subcontractor doing work for PG&E here in the park. To help allay resident concerns about this program, we wanted to share a little information with you.

Many people are not aware that PG&E is required by law to help customers reduce electricity usage and save money. That might seem a little odd given that PG&E makes money selling energy, but nevertheless it is true. Further, they are required to contract with third party companies to inform and deliver energy saving solutions to customers. This is mandated by law and required by the California Public Utilities Commission.

PG&E is presently offering a FREE Air Conditioning Service through a partner company – Synergy(synergycompanies.org). This service is 100% paid for by PG&E at no cost to the homeowner and includes: Washing the air conditioning coils, checking the refrigerant levels, checking for leaks and replacing the inside air filters. If your current system does not have an energy efficient motor, PG&E will pay Synergy to install a brand new energy efficient motor valued at $400.

PG&E also offers other energy efficiency programs that include free energy efficiency appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) for qualified homes.

I previously worked for a different PG&E partner company that managed similar programs and I can vouch for the program’s legitimacy – and I’ve personally read the CPUC directives that regulates some of these programs.

We are not endorsing this program or Synergy, but are aware that PG&E (through Synergy and mandated by CPUC) is here making residents aware of these programs. They are a licensed and legitimate company working on behalf of PG&E

You may see Randy Ruiz around the park or approaching your home to let you know about these programs. If you are not interested, just let them know you are not interested. If you would rather they didn’t come to your home at all, or if you would like more information, you are welcome to give Randy a call to let him know. His phone number is 559-706-2659.

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