Fire Station 10


• Location: At Long Hollow Drive and Glacier Drive
• Chief: Capt. Jack Fulcher
• Report a fire: Call 911

From Capt. Jack Fulcher:

Madera County Fire Station 10 consists of paid call firefighters servicing the County of Madera. Station 10 not only protects Yosemite Lakes Park, but we also assist Cal Fire and other Madera County fire stations with their calls. At any given moment, engines from Station 10 could be answering a public service assist call here in the park, and next be responding to a fire in the city of Madera, or even covering a station in Madera valley. Station 10 engines could also be attached to a strike team and dispatched out of the county either down south or up north. As you can see, Station 10 engines have no boundaries.

Madera County Fire Station 10 offers two facets to its organization: the paid call firefighter program and the Fire Auxiliary program. PCFs are trained to respond to emergencies. They receive their training from the Madera County Fire Academy which covers fires of all types, EMS and Hazmat trainings which are required by state and federal regulations. Therefore, Madera County Fire Station 10 constantly trains every week, all year long, for continuing education and maintaining our state and federal certifications. Station 10 also participates in community events and public education.

The Fire Auxiliary is the main support group for Station 10. The auxiliary meets the second Tuesday of every month. The auxiliary and PCFs work together forming committees for fundraisers to help raise money for the fire department. They also assist as a liaison for the fire department for other special events in the park.

Station 10 response area

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