Reprint of comments by Herman Boosten of YLP, from the NextDoor social network.

As many know, there was a house fire on North Dome Drive. On one side was the unfortunate to the house owner. The road was closed for traffic for hours. I got stuck there too.

I wanna give my highest respect to the authorities. The fire brigade has done a great job to prevent the neighborhood from further damage. Even the sheriff was actively spraying water on the dry grass to save the neighbors from damage. Awesome action.

Most impressive was the quick and absolutely professional coordination of the logistics how this fire was handled. This was AAA fire alarm coordination. There was great presence of fire trucks, heavy equipment to cut gaps into the ground brush and trees.

The most impressive was the presence of two fire extinguishing planes circling over the fire until there clearance to leave. A helicopter was assessing the general situation around the fire. A preparedness to protect our neighborhood with whatever is available.

From now on I will sleep very good, better then ever.

Thx to all the people of our volunteer firefighters, the person who coordinated this fire alarm , outstanding and very impressed I was about the officer of the Madera sheriffs office who protected the neighborhood with a garden hose of more damage. Awesome.

A car stopped next to me. Two nice elderly ladies ask me to take some photos. I learned the one on the passenger side was the home owner. The driver her friend was taking her to her place to get her out of the smoke. Great people.