Highlights of the Feb. 19 meetings of the YLOA and YSPUC Boards of Directors:

YLP will be replacing its eight public phone numbers with new numbers in the near future, General Manager Jonathan Penrose explained. After an exhaustive effort to keep the current numbers failed, management decided to make the changes in order to fix multiple problems with the aging Sierra Tel phone system. YLP residents will be getting more information on the new numbers and what happens when the old numbers are called.

General Manager Penrose’s monthly financial forecast is delayed until the end of the month because of absences in the accounting office last month. It was reported that YLOA’s finances are in good shape, but operating on a tight budget. The association’s financial reserves will be the topic of the third Town Hall scheduled for next Tuesday, and a budget workshop is planned for March.

At 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26, just before the Town Hall on financial reserves, Executive Chef David Pol will premiere the new pizza oven with a $9.95 pizza buffet.

Ken Sartain, chair of the Communications Committee, announced that YLP will take over maintenance of the big green-and-white wooden sign at Highway 41 and Yosemite Springs Parkway. In a deal with the owner of that parcel, YLOA will maintain the grounds around the sign. Plans are to paint it and make repairs and replace the “Real Estate — Sales” text at bottom with a left-pointing arrow and “Public Golf and Dining.”

The Engineering Committee announced that it had received bids for partial rebuilds of the horse stalls at the Equestrian Center, but recommended more research with the objective of completely replacing the stalls with all-steel construction.

The YLOA Board voted to approve:
• An updated code of conduct for directors
• An ethics policy for directors
• A packet to provide rules and guidelines for potential board candidates

The board also named an Election Committee for 2019 consisting of President Rebecca Brannon, Ken Sartain and Michelle Piotrowski, who are not up for re-election this year.