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Welcome to the Yosemite Lakes Owners Association Equestrian Center site! Whether you currently board your horses with us or would like more information about our facility, you have come to the right place.

Manager Bridget Balestra

Upcoming events

Roofin’ the stalls

Roofin’ the stalls

YLOA’s Maintenance employees work last week on new, badly needed roofing for the Equestrian Center stalls…

Welcoming touches

Welcoming touches

Near the front gate of the Equestrian Center, there is a triangle-shaped flower bed that for years was just full of weeds and some dying bushes.

Welcoming touches

Look into bell boots

The farrier who shoes my horses recently asked me to invest in bell boots.

Work Day volunteering

Potential boarders

We are a co-op horse boarding facility located in beautiful Yosemite Lakes Park California.  Our facility offers two lighted riding arenas, a round pen and access to several miles of trails. Some of our other features include:
  • Hot/cold wash racks with cross ties
  • Locking tack rooms
  • Indoor feed lots
  • Two large pasture turn-out areas
  • Three stall types
    — Inside/barn stall with run
    — Outside single stall
    — Outside double stall
If you would like more information please see our boarding documents below — or you are welcome to contact us at equestriancenter@yloa.org. We would love to hear from you!

Equestrian Center Committee documents