(Above, Michelle D. Gutierrez and Austin Graham, both of Roeser Accountancy Corp., count the last ballot envelopes before the Saturday meeting began.)

The 2018 YLOA Annual Meeting will resume at 6 p.m. Monday in the clubhouse to again count votes, as the 40 percent required quorum of submitted ballots was not reached today.

Meanwhile, YLOA President Marie Touitou and Vice President Veronica Longcor appealed to members who have not yet voted to do so.

“Please encourage people to vote,” Longcor told the audience of more than 30 who turned up for the annual meeting, preceded by an eggs-and-sausage breakfast at the Blue Heron and Ladies of the Lakes bake sale.

During YLOA business hours, ballots can be dropped off in the ballot box inside the clubhouse. Extra ballots and envelopes also will be available in the clubhouse hallway.

When the office is closed, ballots can be put in the drop box to the right side if the clubhouse doors.

A total of 501 validated ballots are needed for the lowered quorum of 25 percent required on Monday after missing 40 percent at the Saturday meeting.

Officials of Roeser Accountancy Corp. in Fresno are doing the counting at both meetings. Manager Michelle D. Gutierrez announced that as of 10 a.m., 502 ballots had been submitted, but of those 150 still needed to be validated.

The total lots used in calculating quorum is 2,258 including lots owned by YLOA, and minus the lots held by owners not in good standing.

Only ballots that are from lot owners in good standing can be counted. Ballots are not counted if they are from lot owners delinquent on dues, have a lien placed on their property, or have outstanding ECC fines — or if the ballot envelopes were not filled out correctly.

The Annual Meeting began at 10 a.m. Saturday. Three ballots were received after 10 a.m. If found to be valid, they along with additional ballots submitted up until 6 p.m. Monday will be added to the count.

Last year, only 470 ballots had been submitted, even after the YLOA Board of Directors gave members an extra 30 days to vote. Because the number was short of the minimum 25 percent quorum, votes were not counted and the election was nullified. Serving board members continued in their posts and some were filled through appointments.

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