William Miller
YLP Communications Consultant

Ducks and geese are a common sight around the YLP Clubhouse, but one captured the hearts of visitors and staff this summer. Human Resources Manager Krista Brown tells the story:

“So we got a baby duck when he was a day old, took him home, raised him. Brought him back, I don’t know, a couple months old, put chicken tags on his feet, named him Duck Norris. That was probably five months ago.

“He’s full grown now. He (hung) out there with everybody at Friday Night Live and everybody knows him. Got two red chicken tags on his feet.

“Three, maybe four weeks ago he just disappeared. He’s full grown, nothing will eat him. He’s just gone. So, we think someone took him home. So, I want him back!

The waterfowl, whose moniker of course was inspired by actor/martial arts star Chuck Norris, was named by Krista who thinks it’s “way cool.”

If you locate Duck, please email Krista or call the YLOA office at 559-658-7466,

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