Did you know that, a few weeks ago, we had men swimming around inside YLP’s many water tanks?

What are they doing in MY water, you ask?

Keeping it clean, says YSPUC Manager Ken Harrington.

Crews from Liquid Engineering of Billings, Mont., were here with scuba gear and underwater vacuum cleaners removing sludge that accumulates in the bottom of our water company’s tanks, be they 1 million gallons or something smaller.

It’s a necessary task that Harrington makes sure is done every other year on the 11 tanks.

The divers use special wet suits and helmets outfitted with cameras, and their every move is monitored via cables in a high-tech trailer next to the tank.

Th divers remove accumulated sediment and along the way inspect walls and seams for corrosion, and they can even make minor repairs.

“It keeps the tank in service, and nobody’s out of water,” Harrington said. And that’s his mantra — keeping the water flowing to Yosemite Lakes Park’s 2,000-plus homes around the clock.

You’re invited to view the video below highlighting the process. It begins with a diver entering the 1 million gallon tank high atop Lilley Mountain, goes into the trailer next to the tank to get a diver’s-eye view of the cleaning, and ends up with a diver emerging from a smaller tank near the Maintenance Department sheds off Long Hollow Drive.

Our thanks to Ken Harrington and the experienced divers and employees of Liquid Engineering!