Tuesday, Sept. 15

Creek Fire 16% contained with more evacuations lifted: SierraNewsOnline.

Monday, Sept. 14

The Creek Fire containment is now at 10 percent.

GO HERE to read the update from the Madera County Sheriff.

Sunday, Sept. 13

The Evacuation Warning has been lifted for areas east of Highway 41, from Road 200 to Bass Lake Road.

GO HERE to read the update from the Madera County Sheriff.

Saturday, Sept. 12

Creek Fire update from Madera County Sheriff: Fire at 6 percent contained, heavy smoke continues across the area and will last for the next 48 hours.

One of our own Station 10 firefighters battling the Creek Fire — Josh Edelson/AFP-Via Getty Images

Thursday, Sept. 10:

Air quality this morning is exceptionally bad and we urge all residents to stay indoors. Please do not exercise or exert yourself outside.

This is due, not to a change in the status of the Creek Fire, but to shifting winds.

The western border of the fire remains about 12 miles directly east of YLP.

At this time YLP is NOT under an evacuation order or warning, but the warning remains in effect east of Hwy 41.

Additional updates will be available on the Cal Fire and Madera County sheriff’s websites — see resource links to the right.

ALSO: The swimming pool and YLP Golf Course are closed until air quality improves. Reopenings will be announced here.

BELOW: Photos of our own Fire Station 10 firefighters at the Creek Fire this week. Our thanks to firefighter Denis Ciccarelli who supplied us with the photos and to photographer Josh Edelson.

Wednesday, Sept. 9:

As of this morning at 10 a.m., Cal Fire has updated their evacuation warning to once again include the areas east of 41, including Chuckchansi and Indian Lakes.

While no part of YLP is presently included in the evacuation warning area, the situation remains unpredictable, especially as wind and weather changes.

While we are hopeful that the Creek Fire will be contained well before it reaches us, we do urge everyone to prepare for the possibility of evacuation.

Please see the evacuation preparation guide below.

The best sources for the latest updates are Cal Fire and Madera County.

 CalFire page on the Creek Fire listing evacuation orders and warnings

• Madera County Sheriff’s Facebook page

In the event that evacuation becomes necessary and you believe you may need assistance, please reach out to our main office or contact our security department in advance. We will place your name on the potential assistance list.

We want to ensure all residents remain safe and to have resources prepared for those who may need help.


Jonathan Penrose
General Manager

Tuesday, Sept. 8:

• We encourage people to stay indoors. Air quality is very poor (check the Purple Air monitor at yosemitelakespark.org) because of the smoke.

• Water tanks are full and we are keeping them at capacity. In addition we are adding water to the golf course lake as an emergency supply.

• Do NOT pre-water your home, buildings or landscaping. There is no need at this time and it will unnecessarily take water out of the system.

• If, in the event the Madera County Sheriff’s Department issues an Evacuation Warning that includes any part of YLP, residents should use existing roads to exit.

• YLP does have TWO emergency evacuation routes (FIRE ROADS SHOWN IN ORANGE) to be used ONLY in the event that existing roads are blocked and there is NO OTHER WAY out. You would have ample time to evacuate before normal routes are blocked.

• If you have horses boarded at the YLP Equestrian Center that you need to relocate, resources are available at both the Madera County and Fresno County fairgrounds. For help with evacuating, another resource: Central California Animal Disaster Team: 888-402-2238.

• For emergencies people should dial 911. If they have concerns about potential evacuation or may need assistance to do so, they may contact our front desk or security staff.