Coronavirus: Latest YLP news

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The ONLY OFFICIAL source of information about how YLP is dealing with COVID-19 is and direct YLOA communications. The situation is dynamic as new information and governmental directives are released. Please refrain from speculation and unconfirmed rumors as that just leads to confusion and can contribute to panic and fear. Thank you for your cooperation — we will all get through this by working together!


Starting Wednesday, the Blue Heron Restaurant will be offering Family Meals for takeout instead of its usual menu. The fare will change every day, starting with corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday, Mama’s Meatloaf on Thursday, Grilled Salmon on Friday, Pasta Marinara & Italian Sausage on Saturday, and Fried Chicken on Sunday! Makes your mouth water, eh?

It’s a simply 3-step process:
1. Call in your order at least 24 hours in advance, to give our staff time to prepare it.
2. Pay for your order over the phone
3. Call 559-517-3467 when you arrive and our staff will deliver your food to your car

The entire Yosemite Grill menu INCLUDING PIZZAS continues to be available for same-day order and pickup.

Please note, as of today, the Blue Heron and Yosemite Grill will be closed both on Monday and Tuesday until further notice. The Fairway Cafe will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.


New coronavirus cases in Madera County: ylp-madera-release-march23


Memo from YLOA General Manager Jonathan Penrose:

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, YLP is taking proactive steps to protect the health of our employees, their families and our community.

While there are currently only 3 confirmed cases in Fresno and Madera counties, those numbers will undoubtedly rise. The situation is changing rapidly and we will continue to adjust our response in accordance with governmental direction and prudent policies.


By taking action to minimize exposure to COVID-19, we also help to slow the spread of the virus and preserve limited medical resources for those most at risk.

We know this is a trying and confusing time – especially as the situation is changing day to day. Be assured that we are closely watching developments and will continue to adjust our response as the situation changes.

At this time, we are following governmental directives to provide a safe work environment, while striving to stay open and provide service to our community.

At this point more than 80% of COVID-19 cases are mild; however, for those in high risk groups exposure can be very serious.

As a close-knit community, we are choosing to proactively help prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially to the vulnerable portion of our population. Some small inconvenience in the short term could help preserve the health of our neighbors – even if we are not at high personal risk ourselves.

We ask all residents to be patient and understanding as we navigate this short term disruption.

We will continue to update the community as the situation evolves.

YLP RESPONSE (3/18 12:00 PM)


  • Limit meetings and gatherings to fewer than 10 people (Fed 3/16)
  • Close the bar (Fed 3/16/State 3/15))
  • Limit Food Service at our restaurants to pickup/takeout only (CDH 3/17)
  • Encourage those in high risk groups (over 65 and/or with compromised immune systems) to self-isolate (State 3/15)
  • Avoid Water Shutoffs for those experiencing economic hardship due to present crisis (CWA 3/17)


  • Assist employees with reduced work hours or COVID-19 concerns to qualify for aid/financial support.
    • Allow use of accumulated sick time to offset reduced work hours
    • Unemployment/Under-employment assistance
    • Family Leave assistance
    • Grants for bartenders
  • Provide adequate space for employees to social distance where possible
    • Library closed until further notice (to allow employee use of space)
  • Close office for public visits, except by appointment
  • Provide credit card slips by drop box
  • Facilitate online/telephone meetings for committees/Board of Directors


  • Admin Office: OPEN by Phone or Appointment. Walk-in office will be closed.
  • Blue Heron/Yosemite Grill/Fairway Cafe: OPEN for TAKEOUT with new dates and hours. Blue Heron serving Family Meals only for takeout.
  • Clubhouse: CLOSED
  • Clubhouse Bar: CLOSED
  • Security: OPEN
  • Hot Tub: OPEN (CDC Reports no known risk of water transmission – observe social distance)
  • Tennis Courts: OPEN
  • Golf Course: OPEN on honor basis, rental carts not available
  • Equestrian Center: OPEN to boarders – NO PUBLIC ACCESS (observe social distance)
  • Rec Center: Playground closed and no social gatherings or team sports
  • Trails: OPEN (observe social distance)


Keeping “in touch” with our neighbors — even at a 6-foot distance — is more important than ever at this time. If your neighbor lives alone and/or seems unaware of this developing health emergency, we can still be a good neighbor without an in-person visit.

In YLP, the way is through the NextDoor online community. If you haven’t already joined, it’s easy. Just go to the site, plug in your street address and email address and join. The YLP group has been going strong for years and now has nearly 1,900 members.


 Madera County Department of Public Health COVID-19 page with many resources to answer questions from personal to business situations.

• ABC30 COVID-19 news and resources page

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