We have had quite the heat wave lately.  I have lived in this area for 20 years and I still haven’t gotten used to our hot summers.  Animals and humans alike need to keep hydrated, especially as the temperatures hover over 100 degrees.  Our General Manager, Jonathan Penrose, recently sent a notification regarding water conservation.  Of course we have to provide fresh water for our horses but I have some ideas on how we can avoid excessive water use and waste.

All horse owners are guilty of this as some point, but we can’t leave the hose running and forget about it! I know we are all busy and it is so hard to sit there and watch your horses’ water bucket to fill, especially for those of us who have more than one horse.  If you don’t have time to sit there and wait, here are some tips to help us remember:

• Leave a personal item near the water bucket- keys, purse, water bottle, cell phone- whatever you know you won’t leave without

 • Set a timer or a reminder on your phone

• Fill your water while you are cleaning your stall(s) so you are there to monitor

 • Don’t over-fill your water bucket.  I have found that if I keep my horses’ water buckets around ¾ full instead of filling them completely my horses are able to drink them down enough that when it comes time to clean out the bucket there isn’t as much to dump out.  Also, when I have filled the buckets completely, the algae seems to grow much quicker and I have to dump the buckets out and clean them more frequently.

• If your stall placement permits and you can, place the bucket under the shelter.  It prevents algae from growing as quickly.

• There is no way around watering the arenas and the round pen; however, we don’t need to run the sprinklers more than once per use —  as in don’t run them in the same arena back to back.

I think we can make a few adjustments and just be more aware of our water use to do our part to conserve water along with the rest of our community.

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