Over the past 8 months many improvements have been made to the Golf Course here at YLP. With the assistance of Sierra Golf Management (our outside contractor), Yosemite Lakes Golf Association, and the Homeowners Association, substantial  improvements have been made to the water system, bunker renovations, tree trimming/removal, sod replacement, and fertilization of the entire course for the first time in many years.
Consequently, with the hard work of the above group of volunteers, dedicated workers from SGM, and YLOA, our Golf Course is in the best condition that it has ever been. All of these improvements have been made with very little cost to the Homeowners.
In addition to the excellent condition of the course, we have increased play, and revenue, while decreasing wages.
We are meeting this week to establish a new plan to replace and/or install some new sprinklers which would be more efficient while providing better  coverage. Again this future project would be paid for by the Yosemite Lakes Golf Association, which is a dedicated group of volunteers who are very passionate about our Golf Course.
I would like to invite everyone who is a Homeowner here in YLP to come out and enjoy the beauty and  tranquility of our Special Little Golf Course here in the park.
Ken Souza
Golf Course Operations Manager