Want to serve your community and help to make YLP a better place for all? Four Board of Directors seats will need to be filled in this year’s YLOA annual elections. 

Nominating forms are available at the YLOA offices through Tuesday, May 21.

To be filled are three 2-year positions and one 1-year position. Candidates must be YLOA members and current on their dues.

The three 2-year seats are now occupied by Denis Ciccarelli, David Mahan and Tom Swire. Swire has announced that he is not running.

On Feb. 1, first-year director Kathleen Rondeau-Taylor resigned her seat, leaving the second and final year unfilled.

Ballots will be mailed to YLOA members by June 12.

The Annual Meeting, where ballots will be counted, is set for Saturday, July 20.