Jonathan Penrose

YLOA & YSPUC General Manager

It has been a busy summer for our staff here at YLOA and YSPUC as we continue to revise and modernize our operations. In the short term, change can be disruptive and stressful and I want to commend our team for their attitude and willingness to adapt. Our goal is to become more efficient and more productive and to improve the value and benefit we all receive from our association dues.

Following is a brief summary of what we have been working on:
Preliminary Financial Highlights 2018-2019:
+ Operating Income for 2018-2019 is $60K better than budget
+ The combined income from Blue Heron, Yosemite Grill and Fairway Cafe is 22K better than budget
+ Golf Course has had an increase in play over the last 5 months of 14% — which made up for a slow start last year and allowed us to end the year within $625 of our annual budget
+ Equestrian Center beat budget by 14K
+ Operating Costs for the Pool were 12K less than budgeted
+ Roads Expenses were right at budget, though revenue was down about 13K as we outsourced some YSPUC road repairs to improve efficiency
+ Maintenance Costs were up 67K over budget, as we deliberately begin to increase spending on deferred maintenance.
Final results will take a bit longer to produce this year due to the change we are making to adjust our fiscal year
New Collections Policy projected to yield 175K in cash flow (so far):
+ Our new collections policy has so far resulted in:
      + 75K cash collected in past due AR
      + 50K (4k/Month) from monthly payments on past due AR
      + 50K (4k/Month) from Homeowners paying dues this year that did not pay last year
+ We will continue to actively pursue collections on delinquent accounts
+ Board approved filing liens on 3 delinquent accounts
While our objective is to work out payment plans for all past due AR, we will use the tools of filing liens and seeking foreclosure for those owners that refuse to pay or make payment arrangements. This is only fair to the majority of owners who do pay their assessments on time.
Fix Our Stuff:
+ Roof installation completed: Final Cost: 87K vs budget of 85K-100K (the new roof is warrantied for at least 40 years — over this time we project to save well over 200K in maintenance costs — AND it looks great!)
+ AC installation complete: Final Cost 49K vs budget of 40K to 50K. Our PGE bill for Clubhouse in July was $1,800 less this year than last year
+ Next project is ADA Bathroom.
+ Increased our maintenance budget to tackle more deferred maintenance — SEE GM REPORT for more details
+ Clubhouse Patio Covers refurbished and painted (new covers coming soon)
+ Clubhouse Deck — replaced all screws to securely reattach decking, rear stairs being rebuilt, entire deck to be sanded, refurbished and re-stained, handrails to be replaced with new material (already ordered and delivered)
+ Continuing to review and establish comprehensive roads maintenance plan — this is a complex task and will take time to do correctly — but is a high priority item that is receiving regular attention and research.
Pipeline Replacement Project:
+ Due to an extremely high number of main line breaks on Lilley Mountain, we have re-tasked our crew from Crystal Cave to Lilley for emergency repairs.
+ High number of breaks also diverted labor from pipeline installation to water line breaks
+ Established Water Emergency Team (W.E.T) comprised of volunteers from other departments to assist YSPUC staff with emergency repairs.
+ Reviewed and updated all our insurance policies and updated policy limits to cover cost of current repair
+ Retained new legal counsel that is dedicated and exclusively focused on HOA issues
+ Provided training to YLOA/YSPUC managers on employee life-cycle from hiring to retiring with focus on appropriate discipline/rewards process
+ Moved from in-house drug screening to professional lab — reduced cost and more reliable results
+ Added new files module, new feedback form and new TEXT ALERTS to YLOA website.
+ Board authorized accelerated SCADA installation for YSPUC — when complete in 4-6 months will improve reliability and efficiency — expected to deliver in 50% reduction in labor for water treatment (approximately 4,000 labor hours saved per year)
+ Working with Blackhawk Lake Owners Association on plan to secure/improve Blackhawk Lake usage.