YLOA has a new budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year starting July 1.

The balanced-budget plan for Yosemite Lakes Owners’ Association anticipates $5.4 million in total revenue from dues and other sources.

At a special meeting on March 30, the YLOA Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the plan that will set annual member dues at $1,579, an increase of $21.93 per month, and to increase aerobic fees to $50 a year.

Also, the board voted to approve $300,000 first-year funding for the Fix Our Stuff project, to come from general reserves.

Details and rationale for many of the budget changes were spelled out in last week’s Town Hall which is available for viewing on our Videos page. Budget summaries for each department are available on our Public Documents page.

Details about the new budget will be covered in a letter from YLOA President Rebecca Brannon and new list of fees, along with the annual packet to be mailed to YLOA members this month.